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 Scent enhances our lives.  It adds an extra dimension or facet of awareness that helps ground us to the moment, keeps us present and places an anchor for the brain to recall this memory or special time in the future.  Suzy would love to create a memorable and unique signature scent for you or your special event.  Your life, your story, your memories, enhanced by scent.

Suzy Larsen, Perfumer

Suzy's love of scent began with Aromatherapy training and an in depth exploration of the healing benefits of essential oils. So fascinated with their aesthetic value, she created a brand, Suzy Larsen Perfumes, and marketed a natural product line that earned her a number of favorable reviews from Fragrantica. and independent reviewers here, here  and here. She's taken the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind course from Karen Gilbert; trained with Natural Perfumery Institute; and studied with Sarah McCartney, founder of the Scenthusiasm Scent School.  More recently she's taken a number of courses from the Los Angelas-based perfume school, Institute for Art and Olfaction.  Rolling her expertise and knowledge into this new venture,  Suzy is excited to combine the artistry of classic perfumery with the therapeutic value of essential oils to enhance your life with a Signature Scent  or a Special Event Scent (wedding favors, for example).  Her vision is to create perfumes with purpose. 


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