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Professional Reviews

Visit CaFleureBon for an article and review of First Breath by Einsof.  Make no mistake, this is not a perfume FOR babies, nor should it be confused with something only for the maternity ward- there are strangers with candy and notes which may seem rather dubious hanging near the monkey bars. Armoise, clary sage and oakmoss give piquant, warm green and black currant, sage and hyrax keep First Breath for adults only. Drying down into the sweetness of benzoin and rose, a fresh baby blanket type bolstering aroma, First Breath makes every breath so much more sweeter for its secret keeping.

Joseph Sagona, The Scented Apprentice

(Review of Lovebird):  Love Bird leans more towards the feminine side, however a guy can also pull this off because of the vetiver and oakmoss notes that dominate towards the last few hours of the fragrance, the fragrance starts off very fresh, clean, light, airy, and vibrant, then it becomes darker, deeper and more lush. I love the way Love Bird morphs into something totally different.

I think this can be worn all year 'round, I get good projection and average longevity, I'm not very big on strong floral fragrances but I really loved this one, it is very beautiful, 5/5 Stars you did an amazing job on this one 

Monica Miller, Perfume Pharmer

(review of Lovebird):  Summary: Most definitely a *me* kind of perfume Lovebird is a gentle, complex melody on the skin ~ never overpowering Lovebird would charm the hardest to please non perfume lover (methinks). I really love this perfume. I love the pale green floral of it ~ floral but not flowery, NOT indolic. A green sheen, a web of beauty, a journey far far into the Fairy Forest and a sweet rest in Titania’s mossy bower.  Highly Recommended.  Beauty Beauty Beauty. no note overpowers another.

John Reasinger, Gypsy Perfumista, Editor, Cafleurebon Online Fragrance Magazine.

(Review of First Breath):  The aroma of smoldering sage calms me. The clean scent of lavender grounds me while citrus and spice energizes me. A well woven quilt of flowers and leaves covers me and gives me security yet does not make me feel too warm or the least bit smothered. The balance of light notes and a deep earthy greenness with just enough cozy sweetness is amazing! First Breath is at once innocent and fresh, while managing to contain a feeling of ancient power. All air on the planet has been shared by many lungs, over the eons, and this perfume reminds me of that. Rather than being stale, this aroma hints at all the delights in the world (that greet new lungs) and has more facets and amazing depth and complexity with each subsequent sniff of my skin. Each deep inhalation takes me deeper within, each exhalation exudes my calm and balance all around me. I open one eye slightly to make sure I am not floating! The balsamic resin and grassiness complements the earthy patchouli and warm golden vanilla and the touch of animalic musk keep me grounded; reminding me I am alive, pulsing and vital. As I open my eyes. I realize: no matter how old we are, each moment (indeed each breath) is a unique and beautiful experience!"

Marlen Elliot Harrison, The Perfume Critic

(Review of First Breath):  "The Yawn of a Newborn after a Bath – FIRST BREATH" "The Bottom Line: Yesterday I smelled a baby’s head. He had just been given a bath, a powder and a swaddle in a newly washed cotton blankie when I got to hold him in my arms. I sensed something sweet, almost chocolatey, and then just sniffed the center of his noggin. The first time I encountered the center of First Breath, that wonderful middle range of notes where the topnotes are still hanging on but the basenotes are just getting started, I smelled baby head, plain and simple. For those of you not into baby heads, the fragrance just misses being a baby perfume thanks to its complex, spicy and woody basenotes. I could wear this every day…I find it comparable to my incomparable, vanilla-almond tinged Joop? Le Bain in its peaceful grooviness."

Lucy Raubertas, Indieperfumes

(Review of First Breath):  "First Breath alters the air that you breathe by cooling it with soft mint and herbs on a floral and grass green base. Calming and soothing are the words that come to mind. It is meant to be used as an aid for women giving birth, whether to a new life or a creative endeavor."

Donna Hathaway, Perfume Smellin' Things

(review of First Breath):  It opens with a most delicious fresh, sweet lime and mandarin note that I wished would go on forever. Of course it cannot, but an echo of it does linger on very pleasantly throughout the course of its development. This fragrance was inspired by midwifery and birth, because that first breath of air is so momentous, the beginning of life itself and that burst of lime is the embodiment of the drama of that pivotal moment. As it develops, it turns into a soft, sweet herbal (sage, armoise, clary sage) and floral (rose, jasmine, lavender) scent that is essentially the idealized aroma of a newborn baby’s head (or a kitten’s belly, that works too) as a mélange of floral notes and vanilla takes over from the zesty opening. It smells of all things tender and fragile and reminds us that our highest calling as humans is to protect that which is defenseless, whether it is a newborn baby, a blue whale or an entire rainforest. I had not sampled any of Suzy’s fragrances before this, but I am impressed with First Breath."

Jade Dressler, Ideas in the Air

the first reviewed for the Primordial Scents project, which is perfect as it was created to honor the innocence and power in birthing. It is a miracle to combine a strong flash of sage, fir balsam, vetiver and green pepper with softy, baby earthy familiar pillow scents like lavender, rose, vanilla, patchouli and my personal favorite, armoise or mugwort. I often put mugwort leaves under my pillow to enhance lucid dreams. I just learned the oil’s principal constituent, Thujone, is found in sage and wormwood, the psycho-active component of absinthe, which makes perfect sense. This fragrance is entrancing and potent, a “liquid prayer” as the perfumer Suzy Larsen calls it. To which I add, a symphony of exactly how creating and birthing a dream from emotion feels.

Lyn Ayre, Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfumes

Carnival is yummy and I wanted to spread this fruity, plummy, jammy blend on toast and munch it up. There was a lovely floral bouquet before the final dry down to Blonde Tobac.

Client Reviews

I can feel the ‘love’. I get a whiff of citrus and a hint of cinnamon and something sweet at the heart that I can’t even identify. I am enjoying how subtle and soft it is. I can’t even imagine some of the essences you might have used. It has a beautiful radiance to it. It seems to really work on my skin and radiate with my body temperature. (Anita K on her signature scent)

Anita K (Courtney, BC)

I received the perfume that you put together for me and I completely love it! It is the perfect balance between a "feminine" and a "masculine" scent and it very well balanced between earthy and citrus. (Paulina H. on her signature scent entitled Sacred Feminine.)

Paulina (Victoria, BC)

Being the designer of my personal perfume (with Suzy's expertise) was an enjoyable experience and the fragrance I came up with smells like heaven. Designing and naming my own perfume was quite a treat. The scent we came up with is absoluting enticing! (Anne G. on her Signature Scent Consultation entitled Myne)

Anne G (Gabriola Island, BC)

I have been watching and smelling Rio, the perfume you made for me to see how it evolves. It has become very nice and my daughter has been trying it too. It is amazing how it is very subtle ompared to a synthetic perfume. It is very good.

Rebecca H (Nanaimo, BC)

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