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"perfume is the art that

makes memory speak"

-Francis Kurkdjian



Are you tired of commercial fragrances and smelling like everyone else? Have you dreamed of your own signature scent...a perfume that is uniquely you? In the 1800s it was common place for men and women to hire the Suzy takes you on a journey through the odour families to see which stir your soul. Once a selection of materials has been made, she then begins blending your individual palate choices into a few samples and at your next consultation, your vision will be evaluated and tweaked.  The formula is finalized and your 15ml bespoke perfume is ready to pick up 3 weeks later.  Contact first to confirm booking.

Note:  in-person consultation. only offered in Kelowna


SPECIAL EVENT SCENT ("favors" or diffusion)

Smell and emotion are stored as one memory so if marriage is in your future or any other special event for that matter, a customized fragrance will both enhance you and your guest's experience as well as create an olfactory anchor to help you remember the positive feelings you experienced on that day. You can either diffuse the scent throughout the event or have “favors” created for guests to take with them. During a free consultation, Suzy discusses the type of event (wedding, corporate, birthday, bachelorette party, etc), number of guests, and intentions.  She'll then submit a quote.  After your approval, you'll dive further into the selection of scents that will make up your odour palette. Samples are created for you to test then your preferences are tweaked until a formula is agreed upon. Event "favors" or diffusion blends are made and available 4 weeks later.  Email to ask for a quote to confirm dates.

Note:  only offered in Kelowna.

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